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advancis eBook now available on amazon.com. From eBrand to Powerful eBrand added to Kindle library.

07/11/08 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis announced today the availability of From eBrand to Powerful eBrand (Kindle Edition), the latest eBook published by advancis' CEO, Claudie Clot.

The eBook is offered exclusively via amazon's Kindle wireless reading device and includes free delivery in under a minute.

Written for busy marketers, From eBrand to Powerful eBrand delivers practical content you can put to use right away to build a power eBrand from scratch or to revitalize underperforming eBrands.

35 eBranding topics fundamental to building the eBrand your customers will trust and really, really like. The emphasis throughout the book is on forging an emotional relationship between your eBrand and its audience, the kind of relationship that makes it very difficult for competitors to steal away precious market share (extra revenue that often means the difference between a profitable and a money-losing web site).
For customers, power eBrands are not just the name on a web site anymore; they feel a special connection with the eBrands; no other eBrand can take their place.

Topics include: (1) eBranding Strategies; (2) Global eBranding; (3) Protection of eBrands against internal and external threats; (4) Wireless eBranding; (5) Multiple-eBrand portfolio management; (6) Exit strategies, and more...

If you are looking to impress clients at your next meeting or want to catch the attention of senior management during your upcoming presentation, then this book is for you. Get practical content that will position you as the eBranding expert at your company.

Availability | amazon.com | ASIN: B001160Q7E | Retail Price: $44.95

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